Want to buy a home, or sell your home fast, without the usual hassles of home inspection contingencies, and save thousands of dollars in the process? Certifized is just the solutions you need to succeed.

Born from the idea of killing inefficiencies in the system, Certifized may have been touted as Carfax for homes in the recent press, but Certifized is much more than just a pre-inspection certification, or a warranty at closing. It has come to stand for a way of doing things: with simplicity, full disclosures, singular bargaining, and is a peace of mind for both parties, because it removes inefficiencies of the system. We have a clear sense of our business purpose. Find you a certifized and or certifizable home, fast, and move you to your next goals.

When you consider that an average home buyer spends more than $500 in home inspection and one in three homes do not make it to closing table after the homes have been contracted for sale. That is more than one billion dollars lost by buyers nationwide, every year. Likewise, Sellers could save more than thirty one billion dollars per year in the mortgage paid for the months that the homes stay for extra time on the market or the reduction in contracted price after the home inspection, hurried repairs and not to mention the hassels in re-negotiations at post inspection.

But enough about, "What is Certifized?" - let's talk about you. Whether you own a home or are looking to buy one, we invite you to experience the process yourself. If you a qualified buyer, and want us to have a particular home certifize for you before you make an offer, click here and give us the details; and if the sellers agree, we shall get it certifized for you, quickly, so both of you can agree on the price and move to closing table. No second guessing, no re-negotiations. Both parties get what they bargained for, in just one step. If you are a seller, click here and see what wonders we can do for you. In some markets there is even a "No Sale No fee" guarantee. What more can we say about the confidence we have in our product?