CERTIFIZED (hereinafter CFZD) web site pages may contain other proprietary notices and copyright information which should be observed.

Digital Millennium Copyright Act:

Procedure for Claims of Copyright Infringement: Pursuant to Title 17, United States Code, Section 512(c) (2), notifications of claimed copyright infringement should be sent to CFZD.

Trademark Use Policy:

CFZD has licensed rights to the American Bureau of Certification (hereinafter ABC) logo which is being made available to the users of CFZD (Sub-licensed), as long as these are used in connection with Certified pre-owned homes and conform to the CFZD and ABC use policies.

Proper Use:

You may use the logo, only in its entirety, as long as such references are appropriate and consistent with these trademark guidelines. Dissemination or dissection of the logo, colors, text or any likeness of it, in any manner is not permitted.

The logo can not be used in a manner that would suggest that the trademark is owned by a person other than CFZD and or ABC. An ABC logo trademark must not be used in a way that makes a customer think any thing other than that you and or the message created by the use of ABC logo means that the product conforms to the ABC protocols.

Corporate logo and trade dress:

ABC corporate logo consists of the name "ABC on an American Flag". ABC has several other trade marks. You may not use ABC's corporate logo or any other copyrighted or trade or service marks without prior, written permission from ABC. You may not remove, cover or alter any part of the ABC corporate logo, or any text or dressings.

ABC's trade dress is the look and feel of its business. This style includes the format, colors, templates, packaging, labels, signs, posters or other promotional materials created by ABC. You may not copy or imitate ABC's trade dress, website, packaging or advertising materials. You may not remove, cover or alter the ABC logos or trademarks where they appear on any products, packaging or other materials provided to you by ABC or CFZD.

Products, domains, business names, slogans:

ABC reserves all ownership rights to the trademarks, including all rights to the ABC name and logo. Therefore, you may not register top-level domain names with their trademarks or trade names in them or use sub- domains with their trademarks in them. This prohibition includes the trademark "American Bureau of Certification." You may not use, incorporate or combine any of ABC trademarks into your product names, business names, slogans or trade names. You may not combine any ABC trademark with your trademarks or the trademark of any third party. You may not use or register, or apply to register any trademark that is the same as, or confusingly similar to any Trimble trademark. You may not use these trademarks in your slogans, or adopt or use our slogans, in whole or in part, as your own. You may not use our slogans in a manner that confuses or misleads customers.

Website Links:

You may link www.certifized.com to or from your website, provided that you notify your website user that they are being re-directed to other website(s).

Examples of acceptable language are:
"Click here to visit the Certifized website."
"Clicking this link will re-direct you to the Certifized website."

Use our trademarks as adjectives:

These trademarks may never be used as possessives. The following examples show correct and incorrect usage:

Correct use: The ABC Pre-Owned Home™ homes are perfect for buyers and sellers.

Incorrect use: The ABC Pre-Owned Homes are perfect for buyers and sellers.
You may not abbreviate, shorten or use a "nickname" for the trademark. Every time you use an ABC trademark in the text of a document, you must follow it with the proper descriptor. If you are unsure of the proper descriptor, please consult [email protected]

Attribution of ownership:

If you use ABC trademarks on your website or refer to them in your printed marketing materials, you must provide a notice in your document that tells the readers that American Bureau of Certification owns the trademark. You do not have to give attribution to ownership of a trademark if the trademark is used in a press release.

Merchandise & Advertising Materials:

You may not use the ABC trademarks on any of your promotional materials for sale or profit without the prior consent of ABC.


Other material for publication or distribution is available from http://americanbureauofcertification.org/download.php and http://copchi.org/download.php